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Gravel bike rentals

Peloton is proud to partner with local gravel legends Breakaway-CC and offer top-quality gravel bikes for hire!

Whether you want to discover the city, or venture out into the beautiful Finnish countryside, our staff would love to help you plan your adventure route, and can offer local knowledge to find the hidden gems around the greater Helsinki area.

Hungry before/during/after your ride?

We also offer a "Ride and Dine" package, combining bike rental with a delicious, healthy and comforting meal, guaranteed to charge or re-charge your biological battery!


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A la carte dish
Bike travel bag rentals

Going away on a Cycling Holiday?

Want to keep your bike safe and secure, and travel in comfort and style?

You can rent an EVOC Bike Bag from Peloton Cycling for only 15€ /day

We'll also disassemble and pack your bike for an extra 20€

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Hero image “_Q3A4840”, by Ilkka Jukarainen, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Peloton Cycling Eatery

Kaasutehtaankatu 1

Building No. 8

00540 Helsinki

We are a cash-free restaurant and shop.


Phone: 0503366145



Phone: 0503381143


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Opening hours:


Tue-Thu 11-22

Lunch 11-14.30

Dinner 15.30-21

Fri 11-23

Lunch 11-14.30

Dinner 15.30-21

Sat 11-23

Kitchen open until 21

Cycling Shop and Workshop*

Tue-Fr 11-19

Sat 11-17

*During festivals check our opening time, they might change !

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