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Welcome to the only Workshop that sells fresh pasta 

Peloton Cycling Eatery is  the one and only Canyon Experience Partners in Finland.

We service all bikes from your everyday workhorse to the most advanced full suspension e-bike. 

Huollamme myös työsuhdepyörät!

Bike benefit are welcomed !




We need to clear our stock to leave room for new projects and we need your help for it! 🚀
Peloton SuperSale it is minimum 60% DISCOUNT on selected products. 🎁🚲
Here bellow a short list of discounted brands: 👟 👕 🚲
- Maloja Clothing
- Ride concepts shoes
- Fizik shoes
- Met helmets
- Evoc bags

- Melon Optics
.... and many more
Come and see the discounted products at Peloton Cycling Eatery 📅

Welcome to Peloton Cycling Shop!

Find out below about the products we offer:

-    Bikes for commuting, gravel riding, mountain biking, and children
o    Canyon, Ibis, and Bow

-    Clothing and shoes which are functional, fashionable, and sustainably produced
o    Maloja, Ride Concepts, and Nordic Gravel Series

-    Protection for your brain and body, with helmets, crash-detectors, and body-armour
o    MET, Bluegrass, and Tocsen

-    Protection for your bike, from theft and damage
o    Hiplok, and DyedBro

-    Hydration and nutrition for before, during, and after your ride
o    PurePower, Chimpanzee

-    Backpacks and bike-bags for your all your two-wheeled adventures
o    EVOC, and AtranVelo

-    Accessories to make your commute easier and safer, such as lights, bells, pumps, and mobile-phone holders
o    SKS, XLC, Sigma

-    Upgrades, repairs and replacements for your frame, drivetrain, cockpit, wheels, anywhere on your bike!
o    SRAM, Shimano, CrankBrothers, Maxxis, Formula, Fizik, Peaty’s, Continental, and Schwalbe

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Vapaus logo
epassiBike logo
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Maxxis logo - orange text with black outline oval on white
Peaty's logo - black on transparent
MET logo - white on red
Ride Concepts - black on white
SKS logo - black and orange on white
Shimano logo - blue on transparent
Melon Optics logo - black on transparent
Peaty's logo - white on black
Tocsen logo - black and pink
SRAM logo - red on white
Crankbrothers logo - blue and black on white
EVOC logo - black on white
Bluegrass logo - black on white
Formula logo - black and purple on white
Hiplok logo - black on white
Peloton Cycling Eatery

Kaasutehtaankatu 1

Building No. 8

00540 Helsinki

We are a cash free restaurant and shop


Phone: 0503366145



Phone: 0503381143


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